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JEC-U is the education wing of the Jewish Enrichment Center, partnered with The Alumni Community, New York's Primary Provider of Birthright Israel Post Programming. Our goal is to strengthen Jewish identity and community.


Fall Semester starts September 9th!

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JEC-U offers thought-provoking courses on a wide range of Jewish topics. Knowledge is strength; you can't pass on what you don't know.

Our program is broken into semesters that last either 6 or 7 weeks. Courses within each semester are offered on different evenings of the week. We've also added a midday class. Completion of a certain number of courses will bring you closer towards a JEC-U trip.

Building community is an important part of the JEC-U program. All students are invited for a light dinner and drinks to catch up with friends before the class begins.


Clarity is cumulative: getting the full picture will allow you to see the bigger picture.  We created an incentive program to keep your commitment strong. Complete the semesters necessary to earn "miles" towards a JEC-U trip.  So far we have had amazing trips to Prague and Israel.

Can't commit? No problem. Take classes at your convenience.

JEC-U Trips

JEC-U Israel/Europe Trip: TBA

The JEC-U Trip is an inspirational 10-day learning and touring experience. You will travel with friends, hike through the same land our ancestors walked, learn about your heritage and partake in exclusive volunteer and archeological opportunities.

Pre-requisite: Israel Reloaded Trip, Poland/Prague or Interview with JEC Staff. Participation in an organized Shabbat experience on Long Island.

Cost/Credits: $949 with 24 credits and $1,199 with 18 credits

Trip Eligibility

- All Students must register for each semester online.  This consists of a short application and a once per semester $10 registration fee.

- Students are expected to attend the entire course in order to receive credit.  Only one absence is permitted per course.

- Students must be present the entire duration of each class in order to have attendance count. There are no make-up classes.

-Trip applicants must participate in an organized group Shabbat experience on Long Island.  It is a mandatory weekend. All meals, housing and programming will be provided for you.


*Please note, new students are subject to a separate trip application and interview. Due to space restrictions not everyone who applies for JEC-U trips will receive acceptance.

** Everything is subject to change.

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Course Schedule   Register Here